Balance of Power a strategy game of politics, economy, and espionage

Balance of Power is a turn based game set in a distant binary solar system in the final stages of colonization. The player takes on the role of a neutral clandestine organization whose goal is to engineer a specific outcome from the chaos of a bitter civil war using subterfuge, manipulation and covert action. The solar system and all of the groups in it are simulated, providing a rich web of interconnected actions which the player must gather information on if they wish to alter the course of the war. By default the goal of the game is to minimize civilian deaths and bring an end to hostilities, however, the system allows for deep customization of the objectives and starting conditions for each game.
  • Turn-based Strategy Gameplay
  • Original Sci Fi Setting
  • Detailed Simulation – Politics, Economy, and Espionage
  • Amazing Artwork by Kian Ng
  • Unique Original Musical Score
  • Infinite Tweakability – Customize Starting Conditions and Objectives
  • Completely DRM Free

Balance of Power is a game of information gathering and clandestine manipulation of events. You control a variety of assets throughout the solar system, and must use them to gather information about each government’s inner workings. Your assets can also manipulate events through bribery, influence and the occasional well placed explosive.

The goal of the game is set for each session, so you may be trying to cause the war to go one way, or trying to amass money, or prevent civilian casualties. Using your assets to accomplish these goals is an exercise in careful planning, information gathering, and sometimes guesswork. The end result is a game that provides a deep and complex simulation of a solar system at war, which you must steer towards one end or another using subterfuge.


What platforms is Balance of Power being developed for?

At the moment, Balance of Power is being developed for Personal Computers only, but runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows.

When will Balance of Power be released?
We originally aimed for a late 2013 release date. More realistically development will accelerate once we release a demo.

How much will Balance of Power cost?
We would like to release Balance of Power in the $5-$15 USD range.

Where will I be able to buy Balance of Power?
Balance of Power will be available via digital distribution (Steam, Desura, etc).

Will Balance of Power use obnoxious Digital Rights Management (DRM)?
We are not building DRM into the game. Some digital distributors (Steam, for example) use their own DRM, but the base game is DRM free.

Can I help with development of Balance of Power?
If you live in Auckland New Zealand, and are an awesome illustrator interested in a speculative project, head over to our contact page or email us at

Can I make a donation to help with development?
That would be really neat. We will consider crowd funding once we can demonstrate our game, check our news section for updates!